Wednesday, October 15, 2014

These Babies....

The babies are now 3 1/2 months old and they just get cuter and cuter! I must have mom-goggles because, seriously, come on....look at them....I die.  Not only are they ridiculously adorable, but they are rockstar babies - they are now sleeping for 8-11 hours straight each night, plus another 2-4 hours before they stay up for the day.

We are getting into the really fun stage where they are smiling lots and are building their social skills. Abigail laughs out loud and Henry does this funny growl/grunting. Those are the moments are definitely my "mama paychecks." We are moving out of the newborn stage and into the infant stage - instead of taking a million little naps during the day, Abigail and Henry take 3 big naps a day. (If I can keep a tight schedule.) And what would be a blogpost without shamelessly posting photos of my beautiful children.....

Happy 2 Months (August 2014)
Happy 3 Months! (September 2014)
Happy 3 Months! (September 2014)
Looking at all of these photos, makes me want to go upstairs and wake them up and squeeze them. But, then I come back to my senses and realize that this is my ONLY free time.....enjoy the quiet moments alone. :)
Relaxing at the park while big brothers play.

Henry playing with big brother, Josiah
Abigail & big brother, Miles  (wow, I still have a hard time with the realization that Miles is a BIG brother!!)
On September 28, Jason gave the babies a "name & a blessing" at Church. They were beautiful blessings full of promises for their future. I took lots of notes & shed a few tears of happiness during their blessings. We had an army of friends and family who showered us with love & support that day. Not only was it the perfect blessing day, but we also celebrated Jason's 33rd birthday with "Lemon Frozen Dessert" from the Burnham family.


About a month or two ago (my days are kind of a was either August or September....) Arlo & Josiah started Kindergarten at River Heights Elementary! The week before starting we had a chance to visit the classroom, meet the teacher and check out their awesome name tags all over the room.  The night before the boys started school, we went to the store and picked out "hunting" backpacks and got haircuts and baths. The first day of school was quote, "AWESOME!"  Arlo & Josiah spent the next week strutting around and bragging to strangers about how they are now kindergardners. :) It was pretty darn cute.

Since that first day, Arlo & Josiah continue to love school, make new friends and excel at academics. Monday is computer day and Tuesday is library day. They come home with a homework packet each Monday and spend a little time each day completing it before the next Monday rolls around. They've already participated in a fire drill and today they had a fireman visit their classroom for fire safety week. Their teacher is Ms. Jelke and has loads of personality, energy and patience. I went to parent-teacher conference last week and  Ms. Jelke said "Your boys are not the 'sit-in-front-of-tv' type. Arlo and Josiah are adventurous and creative." I sure love those boys and are so proud of them. I hope they always love school as much as they do right now.

Our 2nd Annual "First day of School Ice Cream" Trip. (Cold Stone Creamery)

I'm THAT lady! Sympathy Discounts.

That's's official folks....I have become that "poor lady"....the one that gets sympathy discounts without even asking. The mom who is obviously so overwhelmed that people give her a discount, just because. I didn't want to believe it, but it's happened twice in the past week. The first time is when I rolled into Les Tire Center with a half-flat tire. A nail had punctured my tire and air was quickly leaking out. I asked the man how much to fix it - $15 - totally reasonable. In fact, I would have paid twice that price to make sure that I didn't get stranded on the side of the road with 5 small children while my husband was working out of state. When the job was done, he said that it was free. SWEET! I drove away, all proud of myself & thinking that I was hot stuff - still had the charm & good looks to get free stuff.

Haha....And then a few days later.....

It was a CRAZY BUSY day (not counting the fact that I had 5 small children to care for.) I needed to grocery shop and get the house cleaned/prepped for several guests who would be staying with us for the week and Jason was MIA getting ready for his annual work banquet. In fact, I didn't have time to do my hair, makeup, or even put a bra on. I was pretty ratty looking in my sweatshirt & jeans, but it was bottom of my priority list. Moving on....

Our van battery was having trouble the past few days, but Jason was able to clean off the corrosion that we believed to be the problem. So, I jump-started the van & took the kids to school. Then jumpstart #2 when I picked them up. Jumpstart #3 at the school.  We headed to Wal-Mart because tampons & diapers can't wait for daddy to come home. So, I drag all 5 kids with me through the aisles of Wal-mart (Please visualize 1 shopping cart, 1 double stroller & 3 kids walking with me - I look like a circus.) After getting diapers, tampons & only the critical groceries we head to the check-out, only to realize that I left my purse SOMEWHERE in WALMART!!! CRAP! We wander through the entire store searching until we get word that someone turned in my purse at customer service. All money still in my wallet - tender mercy of the Lord.

We get to the van in the parking lot and Surprise! Dead Battery AGAIN. (Just kidding, I wasn't really surprised at this point.) Oh, I should mention, every time I have a dead battery, my fancy sliding doors don't we have to all climb in through the driver/passenger doors....and baby carseats too. So, I load up kids & groceries through the front seat while we wait for a shopper to return to a neighboring parked car. Nice lady parked next to me jumpstarts the van (#4) and I FINALLY get the brains to drive to Autozone. The guy tests my battery and it's bad (Duh!). So, I purchase a new one & the man installs it for me while the big kids are whining in the backseat and babies are screaming bc it's time for them to eat. Who knows what I even looked like at this point - it must have been pretty bad because the man gave me 10% off my battery purchase. I drive home and silently cry a few tears because I'm SO tired.

So....yes, I love to post happy/funny/cute photos of my children. And I like to put on a front that life is easy breezy & filled with rainbows.  I feel like Facebook should be filled with happiness - not a place to complain.  But let's face it moms.....we all have those days. Tomorrow will be better and we'll laugh when we tell the story. :)

Our Middle Child

With all the excitement of have 2 sets of twins, sometimes our sweet middle child gets overlooked. So, to make up for it, here's a whole post on my charming Miles.

Miles is only 2 1/2 years old, but he can keep up with Arlo & Josiah as well as any other 5 year old. Anything they can do, he can do it too (or so he thinks). One day he will grow up and realize that he isn't a triplet with A&J. lol. 

Seriously, this kid is AWESOME! I don't care what kind of trouble he is causing or the ridiculousness of his temper-tantrum, he melts my heart. I can't say no to him. And if you haven't noticed, he LOVES the camera.

While I was taking this photo, he was waving his bat around and saying "I get the orange zombies & I eat them!!"

He would follow his older brothers to the moon.

Our Official "Welcome to the World" Announcement:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Post Partum: Random Ramblings of a Sleep Deprived Mother

7 weeks ago I delivered our second set of twins - my favorite day in 2014, for sure. But, for the past 7 weeks, I've had broken sleep throughout the night. My body has been going through this process of regulating my hormones. I packed our house in boxes while recovering from a C-section. Then, I drove 3 days straight with 5 small children/babies, without switching drivers. (Jason drove the moving truck.) Then I unpacked all of those boxes and organized them in our new home. My husband left town for 2 weeks to finish up some work in Texas.

Needless to say, folks, I'm NOT running on all cylinders these days. I'm tired. And when I'm tired, I think crazy things. Here are a few of my random thoughts about post-partum....

1.  So, like all mothers to newborns, I wake up several times throughout the night to feed my cute
     little babies. It's easy to fall asleep during those midnight/3am/6am feedings, so to keep things   
     interesting, the babies and I compete in the.....BABY OLYMPICS! Henry & Abigail compete
     against each other in several different events. 
  •  First, we see who can drink his/her entire bottle first. Abigail almost always wins at this event - she's a fast drinker, while Henry takes his time & enjoys his bottle. 
  • Then we have the burping event - Henry is definitely the champion. He is the first to burp and earns extra points by burping several times, followed by spit-up. Abigail is much more of a lady and will often skip this event. 
  • As the mother, I compete against myself to see how fast I can feed, change & swaddle the babies. I started out at 45 minutes, but over time, we have widdled our best time down to 32 minutes "per feeding. 
2.  We always read about "What not to ask/say to a pregnant woman."  BUT, I argue that it's even  
     MORE important to think about "What not to ask/say to a POST-PARTUM woman."  She is now
     being woken up every 2-3 hours at night, getting peed on during diaper changes, and doesn't even
     get a thank you from her cute little babe. Not to mention, this mother is still wearing her
     maternity clothes for weeks/months after baby is born and her hormones are still adjusting.         
     So, she's exhausted, fat & hormonal. You better walk on eggshells, my friend. Here are a few   
     comments I received soon after giving birth.
  • "Are you sure there isn't another baby in there?" (From a nurse in the hospital, 1 day after I deliver twins....are you KIDDIN' me?!!)
  • "So, when will your baby bump go away?" (From one of Jason's employees - no wonder he is still single!!)
3.   "I split my stitches!"'s not a joke. The first week of recovery, I couldn't cough, sneeze or    
       laugh without having to hold my stomach and try to choke it down. It hurt like no other and I   
       honestly worried that my incision would pop/rip/tear. 

4.   Since becoming pregnant with our second set of twins, I feel like a celebrity. When we made      
      our FB announcement, I received several friend requests from complete strangers who just
      wanted to follow my pregnancy/baby updates. And then when we delivered the babies...same
      thing...everyone's best friend's - little sister's - cousin's - roommate wants to be my FB friend.
      Sorry, I decline those requests and like to keep my life somewhat private. And THEN...we can't
      go out in public without lots of stares/whispers/questions and of course we have people actually
      counting my children. Can't a girl take her 5 small children to Sam's club without being a
      spectacle?? (yeah, probably not, huh?)

5.  And I'd like to finish off my ramblings on a more serious note. I have a some good family friends
     who have 14 children in their family (THREE sets of twins!!) I asked the mother for her advice
     and I would count her very wise.

"Dana, you will do great. You have done this before and the second time around is easier than the first! Especially right now, don't be afraid to operate on the principle of "selected neglect." This means to only do the most important things and don't worry about the things which are not so important. Just try to enjoy every moment because they grow up way too fast. Also, let others help you with meals, cleaning, shopping, chauffeuring, or caring for your older children. It will be a blessing to those who help and you will make precious friends through that service.. Most important, I have realized over the years that the greatest gift I have ever given my children is their brothers and sisters. It is important to remember that on those sleepless nights!"

And to finish off with some highlight PHOTOS from July!!

4th of July outfits
Handsome Henry at 1 week old.
Pretty Girl at 1 week old
Miles & me at the pool
Big Twins & Little Twins

Grandma Hall came to visit!
A&J roasting marshmallows!


Abigail Neoma Thompson (5lb 6oz) & Henry Francis Thompson (5lb 9oz)
Born June 23, 2014 
McAllen, Texas
via C-section

Babies are here!!
All of the Thompson boys
Headed home from the Hospital
Miles has been promoted to a BIG brother. He has taken on the role quite well. He loves the babies and is not one bit jealous.
June 30, 2014. On our 10 year wedding anniversary.
Our family of 7

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hi Five!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Arlo & Josiah!!

A&J celebrated their 5th birthdays on June 9 and we made sure to celebrate the entire week!! I decided ahead of time that I didn't want the pressure of hosting a big birthday party for lots of preschoolers while I was 8 months pregnant with twins, so we told the boys that we would spend the week doing lots of fun activities together as a family.

A few days before their birthday, we took a family day trip to South Padre Island to play on the beach. We buried the boys in the sand, played in the water and visited a few tourist-y places. Arlo & Josiah got shark-tooth necklaces at the souvenir shop and Miles picked out a Nemo postcard to take home. Successful trip!

On the Sunday before their birthday, we invited the Burnhams, the Karrens and the "Fox friends" (Jason's company) over for a BBQ and water balloons. The unofficial theme of the party was "little legos." The boys have graduated from duplo legos to those tiny little lego pieces that cost a fortune (that I curse on a daily basis as I find them under couches/dressers/beds/carpets & dig them out of the vacuum canister. Heck, I even found one of the teeny tiny pieces in the garbage disposal yesterday - after it got all ground up from the blades.)

 But hey, anything to make my little guys happy; they deserve it.  :)

THEN....came their actual birthday...and we celebrated at the Water Park!!


We had a GREAT week celebrating Arlo & Josiah's birthday and I am so grateful to have them in our family. Each boy has a unique spirit and personality. Arlo is my sweet, kind-hearted, forgiving, optimistic, and social little guy - he makes me feel so special - like I'm the most important person in the world. Josiah is my imaginative, smart, artistic, fun & spirited boy who loves his family so much. They start kindergarten this Fall and it's bittersweet, as a mother, to watch them grow up. I love seeing them learn and progress, but I realize they wont be little forever. Now is the time to treasure all of the little moments, because it won't be long before they grow into men and leave home. (I wipe a few tears from my face as I'm typing this.) But, until THEN....I can still carry them, and squeeze them and make all of their boo-boos better.  I love you Arlo & Josiah!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First Time Mother

Maybe this is just me, but I cry at EVERY new event or milestone that Arlo & Josiah experience, but I don't with Miles. Does this mean that I love A&J more than Miles?? Of course not. After evaluating this observation for a while now, I have concluded that I am experiencing these milestones with A& J as a "First Time Mother" - and because it's my first experience to have a child call me "mama" or a child go to preschool, I'm gonna cry.

Let me explain with a few recent real life examples.

1. I cried when Arlo & Josiah gave their first talks in Church Primary.
           & when they let go in the pool's deep water & swam to the stairs all by themselves.
           & when I dropped them off at preschool for the first time. 
           & when they graduated preschool.
           & when they started their first soccer practice.
           & when they said mama for the first time as babies.....
            etc, etc, etc, .........

2. I rejoiced when Miles went to Nursery/gym childcare without a fuss. We slapped high-fives & he went in without looking back. I can't believe that I didn't cry.  He goes through all the same type of milestones as A&J, but I don't ever cry. 

Heck, I even have "First Time Mother" moments for other parents & their oldest kids. For example, I cried when I went to Presli Burnham's first dance recital. And when I watched my oldest nephew pass the sacrament for the first time.

Am I the only one?

I love these little guys.
Preschool Graduation, May 2014
My Mother's Day present from Arlo, he made at school

My Mother's Day present from Josiah, at school.
Can I just say that EVERYONE loves Miles - he's like a celebrity when we go to A&J's preschool

And like most other people, he LOVES the attention. Can you tell?
Some backyard swim time.

Miles & his potato head creations
Presli Burnham at her first dance recital