Wednesday, October 15, 2014

These Babies....

The babies are now 3 1/2 months old and they just get cuter and cuter! I must have mom-goggles because, seriously, come on....look at them....I die.  Not only are they ridiculously adorable, but they are rockstar babies - they are now sleeping for 8-11 hours straight each night, plus another 2-4 hours before they stay up for the day.

We are getting into the really fun stage where they are smiling lots and are building their social skills. Abigail laughs out loud and Henry does this funny growl/grunting. Those are the moments are definitely my "mama paychecks." We are moving out of the newborn stage and into the infant stage - instead of taking a million little naps during the day, Abigail and Henry take 3 big naps a day. (If I can keep a tight schedule.) And what would be a blogpost without shamelessly posting photos of my beautiful children.....

Happy 2 Months (August 2014)
Happy 3 Months! (September 2014)
Happy 3 Months! (September 2014)
Looking at all of these photos, makes me want to go upstairs and wake them up and squeeze them. But, then I come back to my senses and realize that this is my ONLY free time.....enjoy the quiet moments alone. :)
Relaxing at the park while big brothers play.

Henry playing with big brother, Josiah
Abigail & big brother, Miles  (wow, I still have a hard time with the realization that Miles is a BIG brother!!)
On September 28, Jason gave the babies a "name & a blessing" at Church. They were beautiful blessings full of promises for their future. I took lots of notes & shed a few tears of happiness during their blessings. We had an army of friends and family who showered us with love & support that day. Not only was it the perfect blessing day, but we also celebrated Jason's 33rd birthday with "Lemon Frozen Dessert" from the Burnham family.

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