Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eat Your Vegetables!!

I am OFFICIALLY a gardener!!! I have a crop and it is edible!! Since I have never grown a garden, I decided to start little - a 6'x12' raised garden with zucchini, squash, green beans & carrots. I had to invest in the fence around to keep out the DOZENS of rabbits that hang out in the yard.  I planted the first week of March and we started getting vegetables last week. Every morning for the past week the twins and I go outside and ceremoniously collect anything that's ready to eat. So far we have gotten 3 zucchini and LOTS of green beans.

Obviously I planted too much because the garden is like a JUNGLE!

The boys are so excited to eat the vegetables that we usually eat them with our breakfast. Kids excited to eat their vegetables?????? - A MOTHER'S DREAM COME TRUE!

I haven't gotten creative with cooking them because roasting them has been such a hit. We cover them in some olive oil, cracked pepper, garlic salt and LOTS of Parmesan cheese - Bake at 400' for 10 minutes.

The boys help me snap the beans each morning. Here we are this morning getting ready to bake our vegetables!!

So, is the $50 I invested in this tiny garden worth the money?? ABSOLUTELY! Jason and I have been brainstorming for next spring to expand the garden to grow LOTS more.
  • I have learned basic gardening skills.
  • My children can experience the fun of gardening.
  • We have fresh, organic produce every day.
  • This is a small step towards becoming self sufficient and providing for my family.
SIDE NOTE: Arlo calls it "You-zucchini" - not sure why, but it's pretty darn cute!

The Official Announcement

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Perfect Mother

For those who know my mother, you already know how amazing she is. Here is just a glimpse of my childhood and a few reasons why my mother is perfect. I strive daily to become just like her. 

I have very fond memories of my childhood; it was an ideal. My parents have a temple marriage that is based on eternal goals, mutual respect, equal partnership, with a strong love and fondness for each other. They may disagree at times, but I’ve never heard them yell.  Our home was a welcome place for not only my siblings and me, but for everyone who knew our family – it has always been filled with love. We were never threatened to be kicked out at age 18. In fact, the twins and I stayed with my parents for 3 months last year while Jason was traveling. Their home is a welcome place that we can come for refuge at any time.  My mother’s favorite hymn is “Love at Home.”

My mother taught high school chemistry for 30 years and raised 4 perfect children. My parents have always called us perfect. I love this because it gave us something to strive for – we never wanted to disappoint my parents because they spoke so highly of us. My parents have never spoken down to or criticized us. We were disciplined with a fly-swatter that sat on top of the refrigerator. My mother rarely had to use it – she just had to reach for it and we were all QUICK to apologize and correct the mistake! 

My parents gave us responsibilities, including weekly chores. We had an allowance that we earned and it taught us how to manage money. My parents taught us right from wrong, and we were allowed to make many of our own decisions.  My mother is a wise woman. She always knows the right time to teach and the time to keep quiet & let us learn. 

What I am STILL trying to understand, is how my mother juggled all the many responsibilities!?  We always had a clean house, clean & ironed clothes and dinner on the table every night.  She made sure that we took our vitamins, washed our hands frequently and took baths regularly. It has always been important to my mom that her children looked good – it was a reflection on our entire family.  Being an educated woman herself (B.S. & Masters degrees!!) she has always emphasized education to her children. She taught us to value knowledge and work hard to earn good grades in school.

My parents both have strong testimonies of the Gospel. They teach by example. Even today I watch them give service to those in need – they do it without fanfare.  They are honest in all of their dealings. We would attend tithing settlement as a family so we could hear my parents declare themselves to be full tithe-payers. As a child I have vivid memories of my parents going to the temple at least once a month, on a Friday evening. My mother’s temple bag was a small suitcase with a blue floral print. I remember kissing them goodbye and smelling my dad’s cologne & my mother’s perfume; they dressed their very best to attend the temple.  

Raising children has been my mother’s focus in life and I’d like to brag a little that she has perfected the art of motherhood. Her favorite quote is

No amount of success in life can compensate for failure in the home.”  

I love you mom!