Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday to Arlo & Josiah!

On June 9, Arlo & Josiah turned 6 years old & boy, did we celebrate!  When school was released for the summer, we hopped in the van, drove across the country and arrived in Virginia the day before the big celebration! All of the Hall cousins were there to celebrate dressed in camouflage & carrying their Nerf guns. After their birthday lunch, all of the kids had target practice & uncle Travis set up obstacles & capture the flag.  Kenny & Dixie brought water guns for all of the kids. They rode the zipline, dirt bike & the Kawasaki Mule. For dinner we roasted hotdogs & s'mores followed by a fireworks show by uncle Travis. It was another epic cousin party!  I interviewed the boys & have posted a few of their answers below.

My 6 year old, Josiah
 Josiah is my comedian, my artist, my nurturer & my germophobe.
favorite food:garlic bread
             dessert: homemade popsicles
             candy: orange suckers
             color: red
             animal: all kinds of dogs (wolves, coyotes, jackals, etc....)
When he grows up, Josiah wants to be an archeologist.
Josiah loves to swim & has recently become very confident swimming in the deep end & jumping off the diving board. He has mastered the art of "arm toots" (aka making fart noises with his armpit) and shows off his talent at any opportunity.  Josiah has also perfected the monkey bars & loves riding his bicycle. He only wears "basketball" shorts/pants & likes to have monochromatic outfits as part of his fashion. He likes to try new sports & hopefully we will get him in tennis camp when we get back to Utah.

My 6 year old, Arlo
Arlo is my hardworker, tender-hearted & friendly boy who is quick to serve.
favorite food: chicken!
             dessert: black raspberry ice cream
             candy: gum
             color: gold
             animal: sharks
When he grows up, Arlo wants to work for daddy @ Fox Pest Control.
Arlo loves to swim & ride his bicycle.  He loves to swing high at the playground & can jump off mid-swing! Arlo is an avid reader & works hard to learn new books. His favorite book right now is Dr. Seusses' "Go Dog Go." His recently learned talent is counting backwards from 20. Arlo is a great shopping buddy, cleaner & organizer. Arlo will only wear skinny jeans or cut off jean shorts. He prefers to wear his Tom&Jerry shirt at every opportunity it's clean.



The birthday boys, blowing out their candles!!

 We had a fabulous celebration! There is something so special about twins. They are the best of friends; the worst of enemies; and I couldn't imagine life without either one of them.  I am raising them together, yet they each have different strengths, weaknesses, and interests. It is obvious that these spirits are unique from each other and each boy contributes something special to our family. I pray every day that Arlo & Josiah will grow up to be successful Priesthood-holding husbands & fathers.  I am so very blessed to be their mother.

Happy birthday to my big boys!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Miles!

Mercy, I'm behind on posts, but I can't forget my sweet Miles who had a birthday in April. He turned 3 years old and this year we celebrated BIG!  We rented 2 bounce houses, filled a big pinata with candy and invited lots of friends. Miles knew that the big day was just for him & he loved every minute. We also celebrated a little friend of ours, Miley, who turned 1 the day before.

A little about our big 3 year old:
  • He potty trained the week before he turned 3 years old & hardly has any accidents. It just clicked for him & he figured it out without much help. A special shout-out to Daniel Tiger - Season 1, Episode 11.
  • He LOVES the color orange. Like, really, a lot.
  • When he gets big, Miles wants to be a cowboy and ride a horse. 
  • His favorite foods are "cheesy eggs" and ice cream. 
  • Miles is an adrenaline junkie. He loves the thrill of a ride on the dirt bike, zipwire or swinging really high. 
  • He has the cutest little freckles in the WHOLE world.
  • He is a good dancer with killer foot work.
  • Miles loves to snuggle & if he crawls into bed with us at night, he keeps his arms around my neck, like a stuffed animal.
  • He loves his big brothers SO much and follows them around like he's a triplet. BUT, he is definitely an independent little guy who has a great imagination when he plays alone.  
  • He has really stepped up to the title of big brother. He loves the twin babies so much and works at being gentle & helpful.
  • Miles is a home-body and sticks close to his family.
There is something really special about Miles & he is such a wonderful part of our family. He has an air of confidence; he is creative & silly; and he is such a good buddy. We love you Miles!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Lord is Aware of Me

It's been far too long since my last post, but I would ungrateful if I didn't express my gratitude to the Lord and the people that He has put in my life.

Jason's VERY busy work season is in the spring/summer and he travels 4-6 weeks at a time, with a quick visit between trips.  This is our 5th year in the pest control business and I've become accustom to busy season - but this is my first year to have 5 children while he's gone for so long. I'll admit, it's much harder than the 2-3 children I've had in past busy times. I seem to hit a wall at 2 weeks - my emotions are tender, patience depleted and showers are far & few between - that was me all last week as I endured week 3 of his absence.

As I reflect back, I can see that each day got a little easier - Heavenly Father heard my prayers and friends answered them with acts of service & love toward me. I hadn't vocalized my struggles to anyone, but somehow all of these amazing people came to me this week and offered what I needed most.  I know that in times of trial, Heavenly Father is aware and He sends to us, what we need at the time.

So that I wouldn't forget the blessings in my life, I decided to sit down and list just a few of the tender mercies that I experienced this week. I am so grateful to the people in my life.
Mother's Day flowers from my husband
 -A friend called to see if she could watch my kids so that I could attend the temple - and while I was at the temple, I sat next to a new friend who attends my ward.
-A sweet neighbor brought dinner to our family on Wednesday. 
-A phone call from a long distance friend, who also has a husband in the pest control business.
-A neighbor offered to take my boys to/from soccer so that I could keep the babies home during the cold & rainy game - this same friend also brought me honey from her bees & a bar of her homemade goat milk soap.
- I spoke to both my mom & sister on the phone this week - for over an hour with each person!!
-I received a mother's day note in the mail from my mom.
-The teenage boys in the pew behind us, held & played with my baby boy during Church.
-My husband sent me mother's day flowers - and hand delivered by more friends.
-Another friend brought me a "bucket of sunshine" - just because.