Sunday, December 27, 2009

6 months old...almost 7 months...

Time flies when you're having fun....sorry I'm so slow to post on the blog. I have good intentions & I think about it often, but the time to sit down & post always gets put bottom on the to-do list.

Josiah & Arlo turned 6 months old on December 9. It amazes me how fast they are growing and how much they learn DAILY!! At our check-up they weighed about 15lbs. each. It seems big to me, but they are only 4-7percentile on the chart. While at the check-up, they also got H1N1 & seasonal flu shots. We feel really good about it & have started taking them out of the house more often. Both boys have found a LOVE for TOYS!! When they are awake it seems that they need a toy in hand at ALL TIMES!
Mr. Josiah....
& Mr. Arlo...

They are eating baby food now. I am making all their food so far & it's turned out to be pretty darn easy & a heck of a lot cheaper. It saves money, but I really like the idea of knowing EXACTLY whats in the food - no preservatives or any of that junk. Eventually I'll give in to processed foods & all the junk I eat, but for now, while I can, I feel good about what I'm feeding them. So far they have eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash & banana. Can you guess from the photos which baby is easier to feed?

Josiah has really taken to baby food. He gets all excited when I put him in the high chair & is like a bird with his mouth wide open. I seriously can't get it in his mouth fast enough & he's finished eating all his food in a matter of minutes.He's such a good eater that he hardly needs a bib.

Arlo, on the other hand, likes a big production when it's time to eat. He likes a little dab on his lips at first while he tastes the food. From there, he usually takes his spoonful of food & spits it out. He doesn't just spit though, he sputters it out & the food flies EVERYWHERE! I usually wear an apron when feeding him because the food gets all over the tray & my clothes. This would be cute, if it wasn't so frustrating! He did enjoy his sweet potatoes yesterday though because I let him feed himself. It was a pretty messy ordeal, but he had a LOT of fun with the spoon. (& the photo of Arlo is on a good day...typically it's messier!!)
Josiah & Arlo are so much fun & we're so blessed. They keep us on our toes all the time & I'm sure it becomes more hectic as they learn to crawl & walk....look out they come!!