Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love Those Boys!

A quick update on my 3 little guys....

He's a little more than 3 months old now and growing LIKE A WEED. At his 2 month check he weighed 13lbs, so I imagine he has gained a few more pounds since then. He's officially in 6 month clothes (which is weird to me because the twins were so tiny for their age.) He smiles and laughs often. He can roll from his stomach to his back. He is SO STRONG. He loves tummy time and works hard to push up on his knees....uh oh. Miles LOVES his big brothers so much and they love to smother him with love. He uses a binkie, but has recently been sucking his thumb. Most nights he will sleep 7 hours straight and then another 3-4 hours and has started sleeping on his belly now. He HATES having covers on his legs and kicks them off immediately.  Miles is such a joy to have in our home.

Miles LOVES LOVES LOVES water. Whether it's the bathtub or the pool, he's a fan.
He initiates learning and is always looking to learn new skills. He can buckle his carseat 100% by himself. He rides a "big boy bike" with training wheels and always wants to do what the big kids are doing. He likes structure and I think he'll really enjoy school. (when the time comes.) Josiah likes to dress himself and comes up with some interesting "outfits" (as shown in the photos).

"The Enforcer" - Rules apply to everyone except him!!

His most recent accident - wrestling with his brother and he hit the floor hard! poor baby.