Wednesday, February 10, 2010

8 months old!

The boys turned 8 months old yesterday and they are becoming more and more fun every day! I may have parent goggles, but I think they are the cutest little boys ever! They are both sitting up on their own, they are learning to crawl & have both discovered their fact, they love to pull their socks off. Many people ask about their personalities and I will say that they are VERY different. Here's a little snapshot of each boy.

Josiah Weldon.
Name: Josiah comes from Jason's side of the family. The man was Jason's 5th great uncle who joined the LDS church in Maine; crossed the country & settled in Heber City, Utah. This is particularly cool because Jason is a convert to the Church, and we found pioneer heritage in his family history! Weldon was Dana's paternal grandfather. He was a great community man who was loved by everyone who knew him. I didn't get a chance to know him, but I imagine he was a lot like my dad.

Looks: Just like his daddy.

Personality: Not only is he named from his daddy's family & does he look like his daddy, but he also acts just like his daddy! He is a very determined & persistent little boy. If Josiah wants something, he will not stop until he gets it. Between the two boys, Josiah has always been the first to achieve the physical milestones like rolling over & crawling. He is a very happy baby and is quick to smile!! Josiah LOVES toys and needs one in hand at all times!

Arlo Nathan.
Name: Arlo was Dana's uncle (mother's brother) who was fun-loving and very athletic. My mom says that she has never heard a more beautiful tenor voice than his. Nathan is Jason's best friend who introduced him to the Church when they were 16 years old. Nate is a very genuine guy and a great example to us.

Looks: Just like his mom.

Personality: Arlo is named after his mommy's family and what do you know?....he has his mom's personality! Arlo is very laid back and just enjoys life as it is. He is a little chatterbox & loves to squeal. He is very ticklish. Arlo watches Josiah & is quick to learn rolling over & crawling just like his brother. Arlo loves music - loves to listen to it & when he wakes up, he sings!! When it's time for bed Arlo finds his thumb & sings himself to sleep.