Monday, April 22, 2013

Miles Turns 1

Can you believe it??!! Neither can I. Last week Miles turned the big ONE. Jason was out of town for his birthday, so we had a family celebration the Sunday before.  To celebrate, we had beef roast & vegetables with homemade crescent rolls, followed by cupcakes, jumping on the trampoline and gifts!

Miles is an absolute joy to have in our family. The deep dimple in his right cheek just melts my heart and appears to be permanent because he is always smiling and happy. He took his first steps well over a month ago, but has finally gotten the motivation to practice; he walks about 80% of the time and crawls when he just doesn't have the time/patience to be careful. At the rate he has been going, I anticipate him running by next week!! I guess he is a toddler now. =(  He Miles LOVES the water and is happy splashing in the bathtub or trying to swim out of my arms in the pool. Seriously though, I first put him in the pool at 4 weeks old and he has always loved the water - like, crazy giddy laughing squealing happy. Unlike his big brothers, Miles LOVES to eat (and it shows). This kid can out-eat Arlo & Josiah combined. I can't even name a favorite food for him, because he loves it ALL! Miles is definitely a peacemaker in our family. Arlo or Josiah can take one look at their baby brother's face and their demeanor changes instantly.
We love you Miles-doggie!!!!

The birthday fairy decorated the kitchen and made cupcakes while all the boys took their Sunday nap ;)
Our family, on Miles' special day

All he wanted was a balloon and kept saying "Bah" over & over again.

We had Kjersti, Presli & Hayes there to celebrate with us too!!

Miles enjoying his cupcake =)

Getting the hose from daddy

And what birthday would be complete without hanging out on the trampoline in your birthday suit??

Arlo & Josiah got Miles an abacus for his birthday and Miles LOVES it. (I think it'll be a good educationaal tool for all the boys too=)
My gift to Miles is his baby quilt. I worked my butt off to finish, just in time for the party!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Been too busy having fun!

The week before Easter, our niece Nikki flew all the way from Florida to party with us during her spring break. We had lots of fun showing her around Austin and just hanging out. Of course, Nikki & I took lots of time to go shopping, paint nails & watch movies. We stumbled across a carnival and she took the boys on a fun ride.

South Congress Food Truck Park. The food was SO AMAZING. There were probably a dozen food trucks and all varieties. I ordered some DELICIOUS peanut chicken & rice....I'm still dreaming about how yummy it was and planning my next trip there.

And we got snowcones for dessert =)

Between family coming to visit and our own trips out of town, we have lots of good playtime at home. Last week we set up camp in the toy room. The boys piled nearly every toy, stuffed animal, pillow & blanket they could find inside and slept in the tent 4 nights in a row. We will definitely have to do this again - they had so much fun!

So, this is Josiah's bug jar FULL of ladybugs!! He is the expert in finding and catching ladybugs from our backyard. You may not see it in the photo, but he probably had a dozen in his jar at the moment. Turns out that a few of the ladybugs were smaller than the airholes in the lid and they actually crawled out of the jar. So....the jar went back outside =)

Jason took his Sunday nap in the tent.

We joined some friends to visit a farm & were able to enjoy the perfect weather as well. Here's Arlo with a hen. The boys were also able to each take home an egg, laid by the hens there - they thought that was pretty cool!

Josiah  & a lamb
And in other news....Miles has been working on some pretty impressive skills lately. He has 2 fists FULL of waffle pieces while drinking from his milk bottle. (A baby has to hold on to all of his stuff around here - a big brother might snatch it away;)
And while visiting daddy in McAllen, he learned how to crawl around with his booster seat still attached!! Daddy, you really need to get chairs so we can buckle the booster down. haha =)