Friday, August 23, 2013

Farewell Tribute to Blankie

When I was pregnant with the twins, a good friend (April Duvall) made puppy dog blankets for the boys. We used them to swaddle the boys for every nap and at night-time. Josiah used a binkie and Arlo sucked his thumb. BUT, for Arlo to suck his thumb, he had to have his puppy-dog blanket or a crocheted burp cloth. We eventually lost all the little burp cloths and Arlo became devoted to his puppy-dog "Kee-Kee" (nicknamed from when he tried to pronounce the word, blankie). He would suck his left thumb and rub the corner of the blanket against his nose - so cute. That blankie has been Arlo's companion for 4 years and has traveled the country, gone on 4-wheelers, planes, go-carts, and swings. It has been to Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Yellowstone Park, beaches, mountains, and camping. This little blue blanket has been Arlo's traveling companion for hours upon hours in the van. Kee-kee has given courage and comfort to Arlo when he was sad or scared. The blankie is now thread-bare and I had to sew another piece of flannel to it for reinforcement. Starting at 36"x36" big, it now is only 23"x25" (the thread-bare fabric ripped multiple times and I mended the edges).

Over a week ago, Arlo lost his blankie somewhere in the house. We searched and searched, but Arlo had to go to bed without him. For two days we searched all the crevices of the house. By day 2, Arlo was doing great - no thumb sucking! So, when I finally did find blankie in the back of a corner kitchen cabinet, I snuck him to the washing machine and packed him away in the closet until he's 20 years old!

Here are just a few pictures of kee-kee....


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey

Since we moved to south Texas 2 months ago, we haven't seen much of Jason. He is working 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week. (Although, I can't complain, because it's so much better than him being out of town all the time, especially since we get him home all day on Sundays now.) Jason works hard to carve little bits of time each day to come home and have lunch with us, or just play for a few minutes. A few weeks ago, Jason was able to take off Friday evening so we could all go to the circus. It was a much needed break for all of us to spend time together - and we had so much fun! I loved watching the boys during the circus - their faces were priceless. We'll be going again. =)

Family Night

This little guy had his hand in the popcorn bag the ENTIRE show!! He loved the over-salted, over-buttered circus popcorn SO much. It was so salty, he drank 2 full sippie cups of water while at the show. hehe....
The boys really loved all the dog tricks
Some pretty amazing tight-rope acts
Arlo & daddy

Josiah, Miles & Mom
The boys LOVED the elephants. Their favorite part of the show.