Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WELCOME Miles Arthur Thompson

Wednesday April 18, 2012 @ 4:21pm
7lb. 1oz.

Just LOOK at that baby's face!!!

My birth story is uneventful (which is good) but VERY different from the birth of the twins. The whole experience was less stressful because 1)I had done it before. 2)Only one baby. 3)Baby was NOT premature. 4)I was able to hold my baby immediately & have him in my hospital room with me. 5)No NICU time. The only thing that made the experience stressful was that I couldn't be home with the twins for 2 days. I am so grateful to our dear friend Kjersti Burnham who selflessly took care of our boys during my hospital stay. She is a saint for putting up with their extra wild behavior.

So, my official due date was Friday April 13 but my body was not showing signs of going into labor. Because of my previous c-section with the twins, the doctor would not induce labor with petocin because of the medical risks. So, after reviewing all of our options and risks Jason and I scheduled a c-section for April 18.  I was disappointed that I couldn't try for a vaginal delivery, but we felt good about our decision. Jason gave me a Priesthood blessing and I felt peace going to the hospital. Surgery went well and I was able to hold my baby boy almost immediately.  After less than 48 hours we brought our Miles home on Friday afternoon and we've all been transitioning very well. My body is recovering quickly from surgery and I feel great!! (I'm not joking, I feel like a million bucks!)

Miles is a champion. He took to breast feeding easily and sleeps well between meals. For those who remember my milk production with the twins, I am grateful that my body is doing the same thing again! (I have already stored quite a bit of milk in the freezer too!) Jason and I are absolutely in love with the little guy. The twins have welcomed Miles with open arms from the very moment they met him; in fact, I may even use the word "obsessed" to describe their love for him. I have come to the conclusion that Miles can sleep through ANYTHING. We keep him in the family room with us for most of the day and somehow he drowns out the TV as well as the boys with their yelling, tantrums, and all the happy playtime noises. He epitomizes the cliche "sleep like a baby."

God has graced us with a perfect little boy and we are so grateful to have him in our family. We wouldn't trade him for the world!!

At the hospital and ready to change into my gown!!
Our first family of 5 photo. April 18, 2012. I figure we definitely won't getting any more "sitting still/all 5 looking at the camera" photos anymore...even if we do hire a professional photographer. So, this is it.
Josiah with baby brother
Arlo holding baby brother

(Jason took some photos of the actual c-section & pulling the baby out of my stomach - I'll spare you the gruesomeness, but if you're interested I can email it to you!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March Pinterest Report

Total Pins: 227
Completed Pins:
Completion: 15.4%

I didn't do a LOT of pins this month, but the I did some major projects. This last month of pregnancy has gotten me NESTING like you wouldn't believe. Here are my favorites (and most time consuming)

1. I made a raised garden and am hoping to produce some results in the next few weeks. The wooden frame only cost $12 to build, but then I had to buy chicken wire (to keep the rabbits out), bamboo posts to stake the wire and 16 bags of dirt/compost/manure. PLUS I have to water it at LEAST once a day. These will be some VERY expensive vegetables, but it's a good learning experience and FUN! I also tried a pin and put sugar/epsom salt around each plant to produce "greener, leafier plants." Here's a photo of the bed before I put up the wire and the plants sprouted. 

2. I got this all wood desk FREE on craigslist. Jason took a saw to it and I took a paintbrush. VOILA!! I have it in my powder room to store toilet paper and hand towels, etc. This was my first experience painting furniture and I'm excited for some more projects in the future. LOVE it!!! 

 3. PIZZA DOUGH. I have always been scared of making my own breads/doughs, but I finally got brave and tried it. My conclusion: it's not that hard. I've only made the pizza twice but I am excited to try lots of new toppings/combinations. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Family of 4....for now

Last week I officially started my maternity leave from work and Jason came home from selling in Louisiana. Last Friday (April 13) was my due date for baby boy #3 but he hasn't made his appearance yet.  As excited and eager I am to meet this little guy, I have to thank him for giving me some time off work to enjoy the week and relax. I feel like it's been a vacation with Easter, lunch dates, girls' night, movies, lots of playground time, fantastic weather, date night, boating, yard saling and LOTS of family time just playing together. Okay baby....let's meet!

I am so grateful for my husband and my sweet little boys - they bring me so much JOY. Just when I think I can't love them anymore, God fills me with even more love for them. I feel so blessed to know that I can be with them for eternity and I look forward to meeting the new addition to our family.

Easter 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Random thoughts from the day as I drove to work today and back home. (It's the only true quiet time I have during the day, so I treasure it!!)

*I passed 8 police cars on my way to work this morning. Granted, I do work 16 miles from home, but come on, that's a lot!! This is not uncommon. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I pass AT LEAST one police car in my town, no matter how short the distance I drive. Pflugerville is a VERY safe town and all they've got to do is drive around giving people tickets for speeding or rolling stop signs. LOVE this place!!

*People who run out of gas on the side of the road = STUPID. I have no sympathy for a driver with an empty tank when there's a gas station around every corner. My only exception to this judgement is when you are on a road trip in the middle of somewhere USA & gas stations are 100 miles distance from each other.

*Yard Sales = My new favorite hobby. I've loved yard-saling since I was a little girl - my dad used to take us on summer Saturday mornings. I lost interest while living in Provo because they were AWFUL in that town. Now that I live elsewhere, I have taught my children to love a good yard sale and it has become a fun activity to do with the boys. I've got my route already planned for this Saturday, followed by the Ward Easter Egg hunt, then work.

*XM Radio station 58 = BEST music EVER!!! We got a free trial of XM on our van and it will be hard to give up in June...Station 58 NEVER disappoints me with their 80's & 90's country music. Reba, Willie, Wynona, Sawyer Brown, Brooks&Dunn, Tanya Tucker, Patti Loveless, Randy Travis, Dolly Parton....

*I always seem to fall in love with the "limited edition" candy bars. WWWHHYYY??? Just when I discover & fall in love, they disappear. And the company never gives you time frame of when you have to say good-bye to such goodness....it just disappears off the shelves. I've thought of building a big stash in my freezer, but I have ZERO control with candy. Examples: Peanut Butter Twix, Mint 3 Musketeers, Dark Chocolate Milky Way, Peanut Butter Snickers, Mint M&Ms...just to name a few...

*I'm in EXTREME "nesting" mode right now. I'm the personality that always has a dozen "lists" but the past 9 months have been ridiculous. I stay up until all hours of the night working to accomplish everything on my lists before baby #3 comes along. I'll make blogpost on this another day...

*President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk on Sunday = A-MAZING. If you haven't read it yet, DO IT NOW. Here's the link. Enough said.

*If you gave me $1000 right now to just spend, I would probably use it all at the grocery store. I'm not just saying this because I'm pregnant and hungry all the time....no joking around. 1) Food is expensive and the main reason for why I don't cook big fancy meals with all the crazy "exotic" ingredients. 2) I LOVE to eat, and I would probably also buy lots of junk food. 3)I would buy lots of extra food to put in my food storage and also take to the food bank for others who need it.

*Jason comes home tomorrow!!! Selling season has started again, and Jason left town early this year so that he can be home longer when baby #3 arrives. He's been gone for about a month (with a short visit in the middle) and I look forward to having him home for a few weeks this time.