Friday, September 11, 2009

A "Crappy" Morning

No, the morning wasn't fact, we had a fantastic morning. I use the title just to be punny...=) While eating this morning at 10am, Arlo pooped out of his diaper and got poop all over his outfit. So, having been a few days since their last bath, I thought this would be a great time to give both boys a bath. I clean up Arlo, bath him quickly before he peed in the water. In the meantime, Josiah was filling his diaper with poo-poo. I cleaned up Josiah and put him in the bath. We had only washed his face & hair when he decided to poop again, but in the tub!!! Nasty!! I pulled him out, cleaned up his bum & tub. We filled the tub to finish his bath quickly before he peed in the water. Everyone is clean and dressed when Arlo spits up all over his clean clothes!!
So, they nap & Arlo filled his diaper AGAIN while eating his lunch! A mother's job is never done. =) These bath-tub photos are from last week, but I thought it was a good post to add these photos.

p.s. - Arlo is now 10lb. 1oz. & Josiah is now 10lb. 4oz.-----getting so BIG!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our latest & hopefully last hospital stay

So, last Saturday (August29) we took the boys to the on-call pediatrician because Josiah slept from 9am-5:30pm without waking up to eat. He is our on-the-clock 3hour eater so this was VVVERRY weird! Not only was he skipping meals, but he had a fever and gave a painful cry when we picked him up. The pediatrician did a spinal tap on him & the tests came back positive for Meningitis. We immediately went to the hospital (9pm), where they ran the same tests on Arlo & admitted both babies. Jason and I set up camp in the hospital room and made a few phone calls. After hours of hooking up monitors & IVs to both boys, they finally ate and got to sleep about 5am. They had a tricky time with Josiah's IV because he was so dehydrated. Poor little guys were so tired and hungry.

If you are unfamiliar with meningitis, it is swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. There are two types: VIRAL & BACTERIAL. Viral is something that the boys could fight off, but bacterial is MUCH more serious & could cause permanent brain damage if left untreated. All the test results would not arrive for another 48-72 hours, but in the meantime, the doctor treated both boys with antibiotics as if they had the bacterial meningitis. It was scary for Jason and me to see nurses come in the room with face masks & gowns.

LOTS & LOTS of faithful prayers and fasting by all our family, friends & ward members.3
Father's blessings.

Viral meningitis. The boys' fevers went away, they started eating again & they came home Tuesday morning. We are so very grateful for all the faith & prayers from you. Jason and I could feel the comfort from those prayers and the boys were healed quickly.

The boys are back to their cute little selves. They are holding a good temperature & they are back to eating regularly. We are so grateful for their sweet spirits; we are truly blessed and honored to be their parents. I only hope that we can be the parents they deserve and that we can teach them to always choose the right.

Here are some recent photos of the boys...Arlo punching his brother

All dressed up and nowhere to go...these are my little missionaries =)Little Arlo passed out on the boppy

Josiah looking very proper while he sleeps...