Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm THAT lady! Sympathy Discounts.

That's's official folks....I have become that "poor lady"....the one that gets sympathy discounts without even asking. The mom who is obviously so overwhelmed that people give her a discount, just because. I didn't want to believe it, but it's happened twice in the past week. The first time is when I rolled into Les Tire Center with a half-flat tire. A nail had punctured my tire and air was quickly leaking out. I asked the man how much to fix it - $15 - totally reasonable. In fact, I would have paid twice that price to make sure that I didn't get stranded on the side of the road with 5 small children while my husband was working out of state. When the job was done, he said that it was free. SWEET! I drove away, all proud of myself & thinking that I was hot stuff - still had the charm & good looks to get free stuff.

Haha....And then a few days later.....

It was a CRAZY BUSY day (not counting the fact that I had 5 small children to care for.) I needed to grocery shop and get the house cleaned/prepped for several guests who would be staying with us for the week and Jason was MIA getting ready for his annual work banquet. In fact, I didn't have time to do my hair, makeup, or even put a bra on. I was pretty ratty looking in my sweatshirt & jeans, but it was bottom of my priority list. Moving on....

Our van battery was having trouble the past few days, but Jason was able to clean off the corrosion that we believed to be the problem. So, I jump-started the van & took the kids to school. Then jumpstart #2 when I picked them up. Jumpstart #3 at the school.  We headed to Wal-Mart because tampons & diapers can't wait for daddy to come home. So, I drag all 5 kids with me through the aisles of Wal-mart (Please visualize 1 shopping cart, 1 double stroller & 3 kids walking with me - I look like a circus.) After getting diapers, tampons & only the critical groceries we head to the check-out, only to realize that I left my purse SOMEWHERE in WALMART!!! CRAP! We wander through the entire store searching until we get word that someone turned in my purse at customer service. All money still in my wallet - tender mercy of the Lord.

We get to the van in the parking lot and Surprise! Dead Battery AGAIN. (Just kidding, I wasn't really surprised at this point.) Oh, I should mention, every time I have a dead battery, my fancy sliding doors don't we have to all climb in through the driver/passenger doors....and baby carseats too. So, I load up kids & groceries through the front seat while we wait for a shopper to return to a neighboring parked car. Nice lady parked next to me jumpstarts the van (#4) and I FINALLY get the brains to drive to Autozone. The guy tests my battery and it's bad (Duh!). So, I purchase a new one & the man installs it for me while the big kids are whining in the backseat and babies are screaming bc it's time for them to eat. Who knows what I even looked like at this point - it must have been pretty bad because the man gave me 10% off my battery purchase. I drive home and silently cry a few tears because I'm SO tired.

So....yes, I love to post happy/funny/cute photos of my children. And I like to put on a front that life is easy breezy & filled with rainbows.  I feel like Facebook should be filled with happiness - not a place to complain.  But let's face it moms.....we all have those days. Tomorrow will be better and we'll laugh when we tell the story. :)


  1. I've had those days...but without the discount. Life can be hard. Way to keep pushing forward and know we can laugh about it tomorrow. Hugs!

  2. Hang in there (everyone says that)! You're an amazing mom.