Sunday, May 30, 2010

4 Month Update...

Hello friends and family...
Do NOT give up on my blog!!!! I promise not to leave you like that again. I can think of a million excuses why I've neglected it, but I won't bore you or excuse myself. So, here is a quick review of the last 4 months and I now promise WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS!! (And a few photos for your viewing pleasure:)

(family pic in Virginia)

I had my birthday on the 24th and I spent it in Virginia with my family. My mom threw a party for me with friends, uncles, aunts, mom throws a great party. The boys got to meet their newest cousin Corban and we're excited for them to be great friends. After a few days in Virginia, we made our way to Florida to visit Jason's family. Josiah and Arlo experienced the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The water was too cold, but they put their feet in and got to experience sand for the first time. The boys FINALLY met Grandma & Grandpa Thompson for the first time and boy did they have fun. J&A also met Great Grandma Thompson and Aunt Debbie for the first time.

(Arlo & mom at the beach in Florida)

(Josiah & dad)

As soon as we got home from VA & FL we packed up our house and moved down the street to a bigger place. It took us a few weeks to get unpacked & settled in, but we were able to do a few fun things in the meantime like visit the farm at Thanksgiving Point. Also, Jason took them on a day trip to CO. for a bull sale - they LOVE animals!

(Arlo was chasing me, trying to grab the camera)

(And of course I turned my back & Josiah helped himself to his oatmeal)

Jason finished his MPA at BYU and it's SO nice to no longer have classes in our busy schedule. For now, he's still working at BYU Redd Center until we find the right opportunity for our family. The boys LOVE the wide open space they now have in our house. They are crawling around like crazy getting into EVERYTHING! We've started experiencing lots of bumps and bruises with their new adventures and I'm sure it gets worse as they get bigger. Oh, and Jason gave the boys their first haircut!

(When they hear the door open, the boys crawl up to the gate and wait for daddy to come greet them)

I guess this would be my first OFFICIAL Mother's Day since the babies were still in my belly last year. We celebrated in El Paso with my sister's family and boy did we have fun!! We did lots of shopping, eating out and we took the boys swimming for the first time. They both LOVED the pool, but I think Arlo is our little fish. He would try swimming out of our arms while in the pool and it seemed like he knew exactly how to move his arms and legs. Josiah was totally in love with their dog, Peach. He was so distracted by her and just kept saying "dog" over and over. Neither he or Arlo cared about Peach licking them on the face. Eeeww...

(Arlo in the pool)

(Josiah in the pool)

(Josiah greeting Peach after she took a swim)

(Josiah taking ownership of the balls in the yard!)

(Arlo & Tigger)

(The boys on one of our many shopping trips in El Paso)

(Obviously the pants were inconvenient, so Arlo took them off!)

We finished this month off by taking a trip to MOAB on Friday. We met up with our dear friends, the Manderinos for camping (in a cabin:) and hiked Delicate Arch on Saturday. We had two hiking backpacks, but one got left at home, oops. Arlo insisted that mom carry him, so Jason took Josiah on his back. The hike was 3 miles round trip, which was perfect for us. I think we all had a really good time.

(what??!! No kids in this pic??)

(Jason & his boys at the Arch)

(Group shot with Lisa, Chase, Melanie & Caleb)