Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Addiction

I think I can finally admit...
Step 1. I have an addiction to rewards programs. You know, the kind where you buy stuff, collect "points" and redeem for free stuff. I love to shop, but on a budget, there's a limit to how much shopping I can do; this way I can get stuff FREE!! (love that word!) For a while I got so hooked on so many programs that I found myself completely absorbed on the computer ALL evening!
Step 2. I've decided to cut a few programs out like Pampers diapers GTG or the Huggies "Enjoy the Ride" and all those other sweepstakes, drawings & programs. I still do a few though...I just can't resist......

My ALL TIME FAVORITE rewards programs is In the past year, I've already earned $150 in FREE gift cards!!!! No joke, I'm totally hooked on this program. All you have to do is look at their daily advertising emails. Anytime we make a purchase online, we can earn more points by visiting the mypoints website first. I'm so silly that one time I cried because Jason forgot to go through the website before buying plane tickets, so I didn't earn any points!!! Is that silly or what?!!
DON'T join this program without me sending you an invitation via email - If you join through my email, we both get BONUS points!!! Leave me a comment with your email address & I'll send you an invitation. (I'm crazy, right?)

Another favorite in mycokerewards. I wouldn't have joined this program except that my husband, mother & father are all POP ADDICTS!! They drink so much pop that I thought "Hey, why not save the pop lids, enter the codes and get free stuff? I've gotten a Chilis gift card & a few magazine subscriptions for free. They don't have the best prizes, but a few little things are fun.

Swagbucks is another good one, but I don't spend much time doing it, so it takes me a while. I like to save up my points for Amazon gift cards....that's about the only decent prize available.

On to cuter news.....

*Josiah can peel a clementine like a pro. No help needed.
*Both boys can use the "big kid" swing at the playground. (although they prefer the baby swing because they can swing faster and higher!!)
*They have become exceptional at speaking in complete sentences. They can say anything they want.
*We will only be in Virginia for 2 1/2 more's bitter-sweet...we are all SO EXCITED to head to Texas & see Jason, but SO SAD to leave my parents. They have been so good to us & the boys LOVE grandma & grandaddy Hall so much.

We went to Floyd this past Friday evening for all the live bluegrass music & as you can see, WE GOT ICE CREAM!!! The boys got so messy & sticky that we had to take them back to the van & change into PJs. Of course we went back to listen to some more music after getting cleaned up.

Arlo, I don't think that napkin is helping much. Don't give me that look, I won't take your ice cream.

Josiah, enjoying his ice cream & the music.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Who doesn't love to spend the ENTIRE day outside with beautiful weather?!

Last month it rained a LOT so we didn't get outside very often. (April showers....) On one of those non-rainy days of the month we took a walk with the stroller. At one point Arlo stood up on the foot rails of the stroller, stretched his arms as wide as he could reach and yelled "OUTside!!!"

The boys really appreciate the nice weather & their mood changes instantly when we walk outside! WELCOME MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST & every day of beautiful weather!!!

Josiah on the Powerwheels. He's pretty serious when he's driving. Focus.

Loving the trampoline!!!

Helping Grandaddy get the ground ready for flowers!!

A trip to the park!!

And when it's time for a nap, it's much better to fall asleep on the floor together with all our blankets, pillows & stuffed animals.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Time

The boys are growing up too fast, but seem to get cuter every day. (I'm not biased.) They are the best of friends and show so much love to each other. Each boy insists on always being in the same room as his brother & knowing what he is doing at ALL TIMES. They absolutely LOVE to play outside & I have to bribe them to come back in the house. They are learning how to take turns with each other, brush their own teeth, say their own prayers & speak in full sentences.

The other night after putting the boys to bed, I heard them laughing. When I peeked in the room I found that Josiah had climbed into Arlo's crib & had brought along all the blankets & pillows. They love to be together.

Arlo & Josiah have begun to sit still & watch TV now. We watch a little TV in the morning & evening to relax before bed. Their top two requested movies are.......Monster Inc and Carebears. (interesting, huh?)

Their favorite food? Candy. ("Nandee")

Arlo (He refers to himself as "Aryo")
"I DID it!!" or "I GOT it!!"
A daredevil & throws all caution to the wind! He's wreckless & consequently gets hurt often.
Arlo is a performer & loves an audience to watch him.

Josiah ("Siah")
His best friend #1 is Arlo. Best Friend #2 is Lobster.
He has quite the imagination & is excellent at playing pretend.
Josiah is a thinker. Sometimes I can just see his wheels spinning & he is very observant.

Jason came to town for a few days & we were able to spend Easter together. We miss him so so much when he's traveling.

Arlo didn't care about collecting lots of Easter eggs; he just wanted the candy inside. He stopped between each egg to enjoy the sweets. (Notice the chocolate streaks all over his shirt!!)

Josiah took the Easter Egg hunt very serious & collected as many eggs as fast as he could

Here's a bird's eye view of everyone coloring Easter eggs.

Arlo was really proud of his Easter egg that he dyed blue. He kept saying "pretty"

Jason & Travis roped together the 2 power wheels cars & the red wagon. The boys got on with their cousins to be pulled by the lawn mower. All the kids loved it!