Saturday, January 23, 2010


Josiah has a siamese twin - attached to Josiah's mouth is his buddy, lobster.
We got the lobster (& of course one for Arlo) from some our friends in Maine. It's got to be Josiah's #1 favorite toy ever because his whole face lights up when he sees lobster. If he is sad, just give him lobster & life is better. He has a death grip to the little animal and cries when you take it away. I like to put lobster on the other side of the room to entice Josiah to crawl. He gets pretty hyper and upset if I don't help him get to lobster FAST! I'd like to give lobster a real name...any ideas?

Arlo likes lobster but doesn't mind letting Josiah have it. Arlo loves all his toys equally & unfortunately no toy entices him enough to try crawling. He's a pretty laid-back kid and is content to just sit & play. He does get pretty crazy in the bouncer though!!!

So, I was looking through some photos & found a few of josiah with lobster...

And of course I cannot post pictures of one boy without the little Arlo =)