Sunday, September 16, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

On Sunday September 9, we officially blessed baby Miles. Miles was 4 1/2 months old & BARELY fit into his blessing outfit....the pants were too short & he was popping the snaps, literally. We all joked around that by the time we blessed him, he would be crawling his way to the front of the chapel!! Jason traveled all summer and although he came home some weekends, they were not planned far enough for us to make blessing plans. We had the honor of having 2Pops (Brent) & Michele Burnham and Nate & Presli join us for the event. Jason gave a beautiful blessing for Miles and it was a special day for our little guy. We love him so much.

Presli, Michele, Brent, Dana, Arlo, Josiah, Jason, Miles, Nate


Labor Day Weekend - Garner State Park, Texas.

Nate & Kjersti Burnham have an annual camping trip Labor Day weekend and this was our first year going. We had LOTS of fun "building fires," hiking, swimming, dancing, playing in the dirt, roasting s'mores & hobo dinners on the fire and LOTS of hanging out. The boys absolutely LOVED camping and we were all sad when the weekend of fun was over....good thing we'll be camping again in Utah next week!

Josiah & his campfire

Arlo & his campfire

Hiking in their PJs

Climbing trees

During the day, the tent was WAY too hot, so we took the air mattress into the shelter for naptime.

Arlo & Josiah trying out their new fishing poles with daddy
Miles after eating his oatmeal
Arlo & his S'more

At the river

Miles spent much of his time naked to escape the hot weather
We look forward to Garner 2013!!