Saturday, December 1, 2012

Proud Wife

I have to brag because I know Jason won't.  During our Utah family vacation, we were able to attend the end-of-the-year banquet for RSI.  The event was a fun date with dinner & lots of good entertainment. That night, Jason walked away with - TOP SALES REP OF THE YEAR (along with a bunch of other recognitions). Jason was a celebrity there. Jason worked his butt off this summer selling and I am so proud of him - great job babe!

This was the first time we left Miles with a babysitter. A REAL date!
The plaque showed that he has 812 active accounts, but that's no longer accurate - He has added at least 50 more accounts since then. You rock babe! Not only did Jason earn these pretty plaques, but we walked away with a mummy sleeping bag, beef jerky, B&BW soap, jackets, & American Eagle gift card! Awesome night!

The FOX team.