Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip to Florida!!!

The week before Halloween we took a spontaneous family trip to Florida for a few days to visit Jason's parents. It was a LONG drive there & back, but the boys did great & we all had lots of fun there. We hadn't seen Jason's parents for almost 2 years so the boys were able to really get to know Grandma & Grandpa Thompson. We mostly just hung out at the house, fed the ducks & turtles at the lake, visited with Aunt Jen & cousin Brooke & took a trip to the pumpkin patch. Let's hope that our next visit won't be another 2 years from now. We love you Grandma & Grandpa!

With cousin Brookie!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

7 days of blogging...

Well folks, it's been OVER 2 months since I last posted on my blog or even read other people's blogs. It's not that I haven't considered all the possible subjects to post about, but I just haven't been feeling great about myself lately. Don't worry I'm over it, but to make up for my slack, I promised myself to blog once a day for this entire week.

For nearly 2 months I have been in a state of self pity. I would go to work everyday and cry on the phone to Jason about how miserable I was there. Then I would go home in the evening, too exhausted to play with my boys and barely make a half fast dinner for everyone. My pregnancy has been a little tougher than when I had the twins & my body just wasn't keeping up with the things I wanted to do. Oh, and poor Jason - I was the grumpiest wife EVER. I complained about everything! I pitied myself for not having the time, energy, motivation or money to do all the millions of things I imagined in my head.

About 2 weeks ago, something snapped & I realized that I AM SO BLESSED!!! DUH, Dana. I have the best life any girl could ever ask for and I was being so ungrateful. For the past 2 weeks I've been reflecting on the amazing blessings in my life, so here are a few of the big blessings I thought to share with you (in no particular order).

  • My perfect husband - He works SO hard to provide for our family and give me all the wants in life. He spends so much time with our children; he is never too busy to stop & give them love. He is so careful with our finances & I appreciate his responsibility in saving for our family. He's becoming quite the Mr. Fix-it since we got the house. He has a thirst for learning that I really admire.
  • My perfect children. When the day hasn't been so great, my husband and children make me forget any flaws in the day. PERFECT.
  • The healthy baby boy in my belly. I've started to feel him kicking & it's amazing!
  • My family & friends. They support me no matter what I do.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ. My knowledge & testimony of eternity makes me the person I am.
  • Pflugerville Ward. From week 1 of moving into our home, I have been getting multiple emails a week with women I've never met inviting me to movie nights, baby showers, play groups, lunch groups, etc etc....I have met so many wonderful and welcoming friends here. I have visiting teachers & a calling already!
  • My job. It may not be my dream job right now, but BB&B has been SO good to me. It has allowed our family stability as we'ved moved all over the country & it provides excellent health benefits.
  • My home. It's beautiful and perfect and I love everything about it.
  • My food storage & 72 hour kits. It's definitely a work in progress, but I feel comforted in knowing that I am prepared to provide for my family if something unexpected were to happen.
October 2011. Biloxi, Mississippi.Visiting Beauvoir, the home of President Jefferson Davis. (Yes, I'm a proud southerner =)