Monday, November 11, 2013

When the Boys Sleep

Hello friends. I have official news to deliver, drumroll please......
I have started my own little craft/etsy business!!!!  
(haha, you thought that I was pregnant, huh?)

I have always loved to craft and sew, but with a full-time job and small children, I only had occasional moments to do it.   After years of hearing people tell me "You should sell your stuff" I told myself, "what the heck, I'll give it a try, afterall, I don't have a full-time job outside of the home anymore."

 I brooded over the name of my company for a few months before I had my epiphany.  DUH! I get all my crafting done "When the Boys Sleep." There you have it - my name. You can find me on facebook, pinterest, etsy and a separate blog. So, please "like, share, pin, shop and read" all about it!!! I will be adding new items weekly and am excited to get my little business running full speed. And thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me so far.

I know that all my readers here are people I know, so if you contact me directly via email I can give you the friends and family discount. wink, wink;)

Check out the oh-so-professional business cards that Jason ordered me. Double-sided and glossy....Fancy-schmancy, huh?

Saturday, November 9, 2013


 After months of Jason working 14hour/6 days a week, we finally got to leave town and be together for a little bit. Jason had some work obligations in Logan, Utah; so we all packed up the van and headed north. We stopped in El Paso, TX to see my sister for a few days; visited some friends in Farmington, NM and then up to South Jordan, UT, and finally to Preston, ID. We traveled up and down Utah/Idaho throughout the stay visiting with friends. 

We traveled approximately 81 hours in the car during that 2 week visit and moved our sleeping quarters 8 different times. When we finally got home, everyone was more than happy to stay home for a few days and sleep in our own beds!

Me and Jason at the annual RSI/FOX banquet. Once again, Jason received lots of recognition for his hard work and an armful of plaques. This year was extra special because Jason is now a part owner in Fox.
At the RSI banquet with some good friends. Nicole, Natalie & Danielle. Logan, UT

 THIS is the view from Mike & Nicole's yard, pretty awesome, huh? Preston, ID
Try getting a photo of all 3 little guys looking at the's impossible. Antelope Island, UT

At Gardner Village with the Manderinos. South Jordan, UT

Jason pushing Josiah on Grandpa Burnham's tire swing. Ogden, UT

Arlo & Grandpa Burnham in the garden. Ogden, UT

My sister and I with a cute little photobomber. El Paso, TX

A "real army-guy tank" El Paso, TX

Josiah & Miles with cousin Audrey. El Paso, TX