Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Beach vs. The Mountains

On labor day weekend the family took a trip down to Niceville, Florida for a baby blessing. We had a great time with our friends: Bobby, Emily, Bobby jr Burnham & Brent Burnham. While we were there, we made 2 long visits to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico and our boys absolutely LOVED it!

The sand was too deep to walk on, so my little sea turtles crawled on the sand.

Josiah & the sand.

Arlo had a bucket full of water & sand.

Daddy & the boys


My boys, 2pops, Bobby & Bobby jr.

A few weeks later (last weekend) our little family drove up to Lyman Lake at the Uintas and camped out at the annual Burnham family trip. The boys got VERY DIRTY, but had LOTS of fun outdoors. We spent one night in the camper & one night in the tent. We did lots of fishing, 4-wheeling, card playing & hot-dog roasting.

Lobster came camping and got dirty with Josiah

Josiah with his dirt mouth & sticks

Arlo all decked out in layers of clothes, after sleeping in the tent!!!

Arlo & daddy

Checking out daddy's fish

The family

KJ & I with our BIG FISH! This was my first fishing trip.

The boys & lobster took a LOOONNNGGG bath after the camping trip.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My latest crafts....

So, Jason has been in Texas for over a week & I am living the life of a single-working-mother until this upcoming weekend when Jason comes home. The boys and I have REALLY missed daddy, but have kept busy every day with my job & keeping up with the boys at home. I've been lonely when the boys go to bed, so I have kept myself busy with a few long overdue craft projects sitting around in my house. Tomorrow is my day off work and I have a few sewing projects planned. YAY!

Here's my magnetic board that I plan to put in the boys' room.

(Up-close of the frame - I bought a couple little wooden dogs from the craft store, cute huh?)

I actually painted 4 stools, but two of them are gifts for friends who have not received them are the 2 stools for my boys!