Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hi Five!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Arlo & Josiah!!

A&J celebrated their 5th birthdays on June 9 and we made sure to celebrate the entire week!! I decided ahead of time that I didn't want the pressure of hosting a big birthday party for lots of preschoolers while I was 8 months pregnant with twins, so we told the boys that we would spend the week doing lots of fun activities together as a family.

A few days before their birthday, we took a family day trip to South Padre Island to play on the beach. We buried the boys in the sand, played in the water and visited a few tourist-y places. Arlo & Josiah got shark-tooth necklaces at the souvenir shop and Miles picked out a Nemo postcard to take home. Successful trip!

On the Sunday before their birthday, we invited the Burnhams, the Karrens and the "Fox friends" (Jason's company) over for a BBQ and water balloons. The unofficial theme of the party was "little legos." The boys have graduated from duplo legos to those tiny little lego pieces that cost a fortune (that I curse on a daily basis as I find them under couches/dressers/beds/carpets & dig them out of the vacuum canister. Heck, I even found one of the teeny tiny pieces in the garbage disposal yesterday - after it got all ground up from the blades.)

 But hey, anything to make my little guys happy; they deserve it.  :)

THEN....came their actual birthday...and we celebrated at the Water Park!!


We had a GREAT week celebrating Arlo & Josiah's birthday and I am so grateful to have them in our family. Each boy has a unique spirit and personality. Arlo is my sweet, kind-hearted, forgiving, optimistic, and social little guy - he makes me feel so special - like I'm the most important person in the world. Josiah is my imaginative, smart, artistic, fun & spirited boy who loves his family so much. They start kindergarten this Fall and it's bittersweet, as a mother, to watch them grow up. I love seeing them learn and progress, but I realize they wont be little forever. Now is the time to treasure all of the little moments, because it won't be long before they grow into men and leave home. (I wipe a few tears from my face as I'm typing this.) But, until THEN....I can still carry them, and squeeze them and make all of their boo-boos better.  I love you Arlo & Josiah!