Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Quick Catch-up

Whoa, I'm a slacker. Not only have I failed to update my own blog, I have no idea what is happening in the lives of my blogging friends. Fail. After I update my own blog, I promise to read yours too. :) 2013 has been great so far and we have lots of exciting things planned for the rest of the year. Hopefully I can keep you all posted a little better.  But in the meantime, here are a few highlights from the past 3 months....

The twins entered Sunbeams at Church. They LOVE it and feel like such big kids.  

We took a trip to the Austin Zoo.
My handsome Josiah. Josiah has recently discovered his love & talent for artwork. This kid can color like a 10 year old...staying in the lines & using all the colors...Check out one of his pages in the photo below...seriously, what other 3 year old kids can color like that?

Miles has been cruising all over the place lately. He has perfected standing alone and can even dance a little while holding onto nothing! This past Sunday he took his first steps alone, and we are just waiting for him to start running after the twins! He has graduated to table food & is transitioning to cow's milk right now. He is solid like a tank and eats as much as his older brothers (or more)! Next week he will turn 11 months old and we just love him to pieces.
My sweet husband and me at Midnight Rodeo Dance hall for my 30th birthday. And my most awesome-est sister in the whole world flew here for the weekend to celebrate with us. It was a great birthday and I look forward to my 30's. Like wine, I just get better with age! (I'm not sure if the wine part is accurate, but that's how the cliche goes, right?)

My sweet friends and sister who came dancing with us! (I seemed to have forgotten to get a group shot with the men included, whoops.)

And who could forget about my sweet sweet Arlo?  Seriously, He is my little buddy and helper with chores around the house. He has really taken a focus on giving service and jumps at every opportunity to help others.  He is such a ray of sunshine - I want to be just like him.

Jason's parents flew here from Florida to hang out with us and we had so much fun!! We went out to eat a lot, the park, yard sale shopping :) and lots of playing at home together. We miss them already!

Miles & Grandpa Thompson

Josiah and Grandma Thompson at Cabela's