Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our stinkin' cute outfits!!

My friend April Duvall stopped by the other day to give us these stinkin' cute onesies that she decorated. For the not-so-observant reader, you'll notice that each baby has his initial on the front of the onesie. Jason & I can tell the difference between each boy, but this will help for those who are still getting to know them!! It's tough to get a great shot of both boys together, but I'd say that it didn't turn out too bad. =)We had to show off their cute outfits so we went to my work to visit friends & to set my schedule. I start work back at Bed Bath & Beyond next week...wish us luck!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We finally started a blog!!!

Since announcing my pregnancy, we've had quite a few people insist that we start a family blog. I never thought my life exciting enough for a blog, but now that we have our sweet babies we have a lot more to write about....I just hope we have the time to keep it up!! So....welcome to our blog!!! Please bookmark our site and stay tuned for further news!!!