Wednesday, October 15, 2014


About a month or two ago (my days are kind of a was either August or September....) Arlo & Josiah started Kindergarten at River Heights Elementary! The week before starting we had a chance to visit the classroom, meet the teacher and check out their awesome name tags all over the room.  The night before the boys started school, we went to the store and picked out "hunting" backpacks and got haircuts and baths. The first day of school was quote, "AWESOME!"  Arlo & Josiah spent the next week strutting around and bragging to strangers about how they are now kindergardners. :) It was pretty darn cute.

Since that first day, Arlo & Josiah continue to love school, make new friends and excel at academics. Monday is computer day and Tuesday is library day. They come home with a homework packet each Monday and spend a little time each day completing it before the next Monday rolls around. They've already participated in a fire drill and today they had a fireman visit their classroom for fire safety week. Their teacher is Ms. Jelke and has loads of personality, energy and patience. I went to parent-teacher conference last week and  Ms. Jelke said "Your boys are not the 'sit-in-front-of-tv' type. Arlo and Josiah are adventurous and creative." I sure love those boys and are so proud of them. I hope they always love school as much as they do right now.

Our 2nd Annual "First day of School Ice Cream" Trip. (Cold Stone Creamery)

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