Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Miles!

Mercy, I'm behind on posts, but I can't forget my sweet Miles who had a birthday in April. He turned 3 years old and this year we celebrated BIG!  We rented 2 bounce houses, filled a big pinata with candy and invited lots of friends. Miles knew that the big day was just for him & he loved every minute. We also celebrated a little friend of ours, Miley, who turned 1 the day before.

A little about our big 3 year old:
  • He potty trained the week before he turned 3 years old & hardly has any accidents. It just clicked for him & he figured it out without much help. A special shout-out to Daniel Tiger - Season 1, Episode 11.
  • He LOVES the color orange. Like, really, a lot.
  • When he gets big, Miles wants to be a cowboy and ride a horse. 
  • His favorite foods are "cheesy eggs" and ice cream. 
  • Miles is an adrenaline junkie. He loves the thrill of a ride on the dirt bike, zipwire or swinging really high. 
  • He has the cutest little freckles in the WHOLE world.
  • He is a good dancer with killer foot work.
  • Miles loves to snuggle & if he crawls into bed with us at night, he keeps his arms around my neck, like a stuffed animal.
  • He loves his big brothers SO much and follows them around like he's a triplet. BUT, he is definitely an independent little guy who has a great imagination when he plays alone.  
  • He has really stepped up to the title of big brother. He loves the twin babies so much and works at being gentle & helpful.
  • Miles is a home-body and sticks close to his family.
There is something really special about Miles & he is such a wonderful part of our family. He has an air of confidence; he is creative & silly; and he is such a good buddy. We love you Miles!

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